About Management Information & Systems

Management Information & Systems (MI&S) is a TriFinance business unit TriFinance focusing on projects within the information pyramid.

From a business/functional expertise, we aid our clients in realizing the most efficient and effective set-up of the entire information pyramid. Providing the correct and needed management information for all users and stakeholders.

All our consultants are experienced controllers who are experts at performing quick scans in analysis of your current ERP/reporting set-up or organization of the financial department and implement the recommended solution. Combining theoretical "know-how" with our unique "do-how" philosophy.

Image: the Information Pyramid

We always keep focus on all significant aspects of a project: Processes, people and tools. Software is a means to an end but never the solution on it's own. We can assist you end-to-end. From tool selection over implementation till post go-live support.

  • As a tool (and provider) independent party, we are ideally placed to support you in your tool selection. Through our unique positioning we have acquired an excellent and objective view on the available tools and providers within the entire information pyramid.
  • During the implementation we have the experienced consultants to support you functionally through each project step (design, testing, training, project management, process optimization,...). Covering all risks before go-live.
  • To our consultants, the go-live is not the end of the road. Because of our functional experience within finance and operations, we are ideally placed to help you embed the implemented solution in your organization. Efforts continuing post go-live.

Unique in our approach is:

  • Our independancy from software, tools and their providers. We consciously chose to not have any commercial agreements with vendors. This guarantees our unique objective positioning in advising our customers towards the best set-up throughout the entire information pyramid. We will not advise new tooling if a different solution (optimization, training,...) is more effective.  
  • The ability to advise on the complete overview of the needed architecture needed to fulfill the information needs. Inherent to our information pyramid is the question which software and database model best fits your needs. Transactional (ERP/operational/...) software is different from the software needed for your dashboarding. As experienced functional analysts we can advise you to obtain the set-up with the lowest 'total cost of ownership' of the entire pyramid.
  • All our consultants are experienced controllers who can bridge business and IT. Through this business/functional background as controllers we not only monitor the quality of the solution delivered, we also guarantee the knowledge transfer and embedding within your organization. On the job and through training.
  • We are specialist in the entire information pyramid, not just specialist groups in one layer. In other words: when we optimize reporting we also look at the way (master) data is designed, set-up and entered in your ERP/application layer. And vice versa: the impact of ERP and Master data on your reporting capabilities.
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