Our standard training offer

Derived from their practical experience, our controller-trainers design several standard training courses on controlling topics, in line with today's evolution of the controller profession.

Open enrollment

Throughout the years we have established a wide range of classroom training courses on diverse controlling topics. Each of these training courses explores one of these subjects more in detail. As all of them are created and given by senior controller-trainers who are still active as controllers on a day-to-day basis we ensure the pragmatic approach and alignment with today's evolution in the controller field.

Subscription is open for everyone, although some courses have knowledge prerequisites. The list of standard training topics can be found at the bottom of this page. An overview of the upcoming standard training calendar can be found here.

Standard in-company training courses

Interested but difficult to join our open enrollment course? Want to subscribe with more colleagues? It might be a good idea to consider an in-company standard training!

Each of the standard training course we also provide in-company. Not only more (cost) efficient, it will also create a unique dynamic between you and your colleagues. With extra room for specific challenges you and your colleagues are faced with. Training courses can be provided both on-site or at one of our locations.

Interested? All you have to do is contact us for more information via the side button or via mail on controllertraining@trifinance.be

It is of course also possible to tweak the standard training or design a training specific to your needs. Take a look on our tailor-made training page

Overview of standard training subjects

 Training Area
 Training Module
 Decision Support
 Costing for Production companies
 Costing for Services
 Management Reporting
 Steering Business Performance
 Budgeting & Forecasting for Services
 Budgeting & Forecasting for Production companies   
 Beyond Financial Statements
 Information Management
 Understanding Databases & dimensions for reporting purposes
 Master Data management in view of reporting
 Excel for controllers
 PowerPivot for controllers
 ERP training
 Introduction to ERP implementations
 ERP process training in your ERP
 Soft Skills
 Soft skills for the controller - business partner
 Methodological skills
 Project management for the controller
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