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Content Coaching

As a controller you are going to be confronted with change.

Change in environment, organization, socio-economic context, systems... All of which are inevitable and expecting a continuous adaption of the skills you master.

...But also changes that create an opportunity for you as a controller. The opportunity to create a context in which you can help steer your organization. An opportunity to make a difference.

What is Content Coaching?

Within this setting it is often useful to have an independent external sounding board.Beyond the theoretical best practices, but someone who has gone through this changes him/herself. Who brings along piece of external expertise and experience and listens to your specific needs.

An independent, critical partner who challenges you and helps you in taking the right decisions. Both on a professional and organizational level. A partner who helps translate ideas into actions. 

Target audience

We can leverage on the largest group of experienced controllers within Belgium. This is how we can offer content coaching for all levels of seniority. Ranging from the junior controller who is just taking his/her first steps in controlling up to and including a seasoned CFO/CEO. 

What's more, our content coaching is also an integrated part of our controller training programs!

Interested or any questions you still have? Don't hesitate to reach out to us on controllertraining@trifinance.be!


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