Training program for and by controllers

Our training programs are specifically designed for controllers and taught by our own senior controllers.

Our training programs start by design from real cases and challenges every controller encounters in his daily practice. Supported by the needed theoretic concepts we create an environment focused on sharing knowledge. Not only by the trainer but also with the other participants.

This way our programs become more than just a training. It becomes a catalyst ensuring direct applicability when returning to the working floor.

We offer 2 controller training programs, suited to your own experience and ambition. Both controller training programs are scattered between different days and based upon a unique developed skill framework that will treat all facets of controllership, from technical competences to the required soft skills.

  • The "Controller in 5 steps" program focuses on the starting controller and business analyst or the seasoned accountant who are looking to take the next step in controlling. Interested? Find out more!

  • The "Controller Excellence" program is the ideal program for the experienced controllers (+5 years) who wish to further develop expert knowledge in the different domains of controllership. Prior controller experience is a must for this program. More information can be found here!

Included in the program are 2 content coaching sessions by one of our senior controlles, upon succesfull completion of the training program. Ensuring the translation of the training to the own working context.