Controller Excellence Program

A program for the experienced controller seeking expert knowledge on controllership.

Participant Profile

The 6-day training program is designed specifically for the experienced controller (+5 years controlling experience) who wish to further develop expert knowledge in the different domains of controllership.

In order to create an effective training setting, it is of vital importance we bring together a group of trainees with a solid level of controlling experience. That is why we will foresee an intake assessment with every participant.

Why attend?

This unique program designed for the experienced controller is designed to create an end-to-end view on controllership. Starting from an integrated case every aspect of the Information Pyramid dealt with. Both conceptually and how to apply this in practice with a strong focus on soft skills and what it means to be a "business partner"

We will ensure all participants are senior controllers, meaning a sold controlling experience is mandatory. The aim is to create a dynamic experience where trainees not only learn from the trainer but there is room for knowledge sharing and best practice. Before enrolling in the training program, every participant will have to go through an intake assessment.

Upon succesful completion of the training program, every controller will be awarded the Controlling Excellence certificate.

Training objectives

The controller perspective on the Information Pyramid will be our guide throughout the training. Based on an integrated case, together we will design and build the controlling department for our company in all it's aspects:

  • Blue-printing our to-be reporting
  • Establishing a logical (not technical) data and costing model and master data design for reporting and business steering
  • Creating the reporting and controlling set-up to help steer business on all organizational levels
  • Business partnering: how to become a true business partner as a controller. With a strong focus on soft-skills
  • Optional: translating the training in your ERP

We offer the flexibility to explore in more detail controlling challenges encountered by our training participants in order to achieve the dynamic knowledge sharing environment where participants not only learn via the trainer but from the solid controlling experience of peers.

Included in the training program are two content coaching sessions upon completion of the program. Together with our senior controller trainers we will help you make the translation of the training course to your own day-to-day reality.

Optional trainingmodule

We also offer controller training in your ERP. During this optional session we will explore in more detail how you can translate the training subjects into your own ERP from a controller perspective. Interested? Contact us for more information!


The subscription fee for this six-day training course is €4.500 (excl. VAT / excl. Optional module) for a single subscription. Want to subscripe with more than one participant? Contact us and we will provide you with a tailored offer.

More specific training needs?

Have a look at our tailor-made training offer, tailored specifically to your needs and/or within your own ERP/BI, or check out our open enrollment training courses.

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