Standard Training Programmes

    Our standard training programmes focus on hard skills. They group individual courses into a single package, which allows a more efficient training at a beneficial price. Typically, we base exercises on our own set of standard systems and data.

    Next steps in Controlling

    This programme targets controllers with no or a few years of experience, and accountants who want to move into controlling. It provides all the financial hard skills controllers need.

    The programme links business understanding and analysis, detailed financial concepts, and underlying ERP system concepts. Participants dive deep into gross profit calculations, relevant IFRS standards, ERP principles, variance analysis, financial ratios, budgeting and forecasting, and more.

    The programme is geared towards production companies. If you are a service company, contact us to discuss. The programme has four modules.
    Next steps in Controlling (6 days)
    Cost controlling  
    Beyond financial statements 
    Budgeting & forecasting  
    Management reporting and controlling 

    The total duration of the Next Steps programme, 6 days, is less than taking individual courses separately, 9 days, as there is less need for knowledge recaps in later modules.

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