Training in your ERP customized to your needs

We are confronted with questions by users and managers of ERP and BI systems on a daily basis.

Systems and processes are not running smoothly, administrative overload, incompatible set-up, the system does not support what I need... The examples are countless. The grievances are understandable but unfortunately often of a permanent nature. Eventhough often it can be resolved by small alterations and training of end-users. BUT... this requires not only tool technical knowledge but a combination of tool and functional business knowledge.

Upgrading you and your ERP

As an independent consultant with broad knowledge of business and systems TriFinance helps you to close the gap between business and IT. In short: we understand what it takes to create an ERP/BI landscape that is both operational effective and supports an effective decision making process.

Embedded in our philosophy and the way we work is knowledge sharing. Through collaboration & training. We will create a training tailor-made to your organization. Not a training where you as a user know when to click where, but a training where you understand the end-to-end process and how the ERP is supportive to this business process - beyond the ERP. 

Pro-active organization

Because of this unique focus, combining both business (process) and IT, trainees truly understand the impact of their actions and their role within the broader scope of processes, reporting and decision taking.

This understanding is an absolute prerequisite for anyone who wants to evolve towards pro-actively take on their own role and reach an understanding of their own added value within the context of the organization. And let this be a key-succesfactor in becomming a more lean & pro-active organization as a whole.

What does this mean exactly?

In developing we take a look specifically at your ERP and your ERP set-up. Our approach is tailored to your needs but often involves: 

  • Quick scan analysis on your ERP, processes and the user proficiency
  • Report detailing recommendations and a roadmap
  • If needed/required: optimization of processes and/or ERP set-up together with you
  • Development & providing training in your ERP


Our unique approach requires a personal touch. Interested in finding out more or you have some questions for us? Don't hesitate to reach out to us on