Controller trainingen, tailored to you and your organization

Leaning on our expertise as controller-trainers we go beyond. We will deliver that training tailored specifically to your needs.

In doing this, it is our intend to maximize your return on investment in the short and long run. We achieve this by creating a training fitting your needs based on 2 pillars:

  • Our skill framework for controllers: The skill framework enables us to map the existing competences within your (controlling) organization and identify potential gaps.
  • The combination of senior trainers who are still active in the field of controlling on a daily basis, consultancy know-how and methodology.

Tailor-made training in just 4 steps

Step 1:
Mapping the competences and analyzing the gap

Based on our skill framework in combination with your definition and view on the role of the controller in your organization we create a common understanding of "controllership".

Starting from this baseline we create an assessment of the different controllers to create an objective view on the skills present and to identify potential gaps in skillsets. This includes finance/technical skills, soft skills and methodological skills, taking into account the different levels of seniority. Resulting in a detailed report for each individual as well as the group as a whole.

The assessment is the most effective and objective way to identify gaps, but is optional. Other methods (interviews, design based on your input,...) remain also possible.

Step 2: Creating the tailor-made training 

After analysing the results of step 1, our senior controller-trainers develop a training course focused on bridging the identified gap. From a finance/technical, soft skill and methodological perspective.

The training starts out from your specific context and organization. Using data and cases specific to your reality, enriched with our expertise. That's why we work in direct collaboration with you. Validating content and format along the way.

Step 3: Delivering the training

Consequently we will give the training to the participants. Trainings are always given by our most senior trainers, ensuring quality en flexibility of the training content. Creating an atmosphere of knowledge sharing. Not one way via the trainer but also through interaction within the group.

The goal of the training course is therefor dual:

  • Bridging the identified gap in competences
  • Using the training as a catalyst to create a team dynamic in a much broader sense. Resonating long after the traniing finished. 

Step 4: aftercare & content coaching

Training in itself is often not sufficient if not put into practice. That's why we can foresee in an aftercare track, where our controller traing revisits the trainees after a certain period for a content coaching session. Helping the trainee putting the training into practice.


Our unique approach approach requires a personal touch. Interested in finding out more or you have some questions for us? Don't hesitate to reach out to us on