Sarens is a globally operating group which provides land and sea based cranes for lifting very heavy loads. They proudly own Big Carl, the biggest crane in the world. Custom-built for the construction of a UK nuclear power plant, it can lift 5’000 tonnes and reach 260 metres.

We organised a controller assessment for 13 controllers. A group of 8 people had accountant backgrounds and were starting in a new European controlling team. Others were external people being recruited as far as South-Africa.

Following the assessment of the European team, we identified skill gaps, using our Controller Skill Framework as a guide. Based on our vision of what an excellent controller should be, we developed and gave a tailor-made two-day training programme on key controlling skills, providing a 50/50 mix between hard skills and soft skills, and continuously linked this back to daily reality and systems in Sarens.

One year later, we repeated this two-day training for the group of global Finance managers.

Publicatiedatum: 20 November 2018
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