Selectie van een Corporate Performance Management(CPM) oplossing

Our customer was looking for a CPM solution to replace its Excel budgeting, forecasting and managerial consolidation model and to centralize all the management information as ‘one version of the truth’. As a tool independent partner, TriFinance was asked to audit the current Business Intelligence (BI) platform, redesigning the BI model if necessary and taking the lead in the selection of a CPM tool by writing the Request For Proposal and preparing the Proof Of Concept test.


The customer is one of the leading retail chains in the Benelux. Today the group owns more than 200 shops in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany. The group is expanding on a continuous basis through organic growth and acquisitions.  

Why TriFinance?

Because of our tool independent position, our combined knowledge of financial, business, ICT, ERP, BI and CPM processes and our proven experience in Software Vendor Selection tracks for ERP, Budgeting, Financial consolidation, CPM and BI solutions.

The challenge

  • Analysis of As-Is processes of the budgeting, forecasting and managerial consolidation
  • Inventorize the KPI definitions related to CPM by conducting interviews
  • Analysis of Customer’s BI platform to solve potential leakages related to CPM
  • Redesign the BI model to cover the corporate reporting needs for sales profitability and CPM
  • Prototyping the redesigned BI model in PowerPivot and have the model validated by the Customer
  • Writing the Request For Proposal and preparing the Proof Of Concept test
  • Selecting the initial software vendor longlist and assist in the final software shortlist by providing vendor selection scorecards.
  • Project management, communication and change management

The result

After the validation of the prototype, the BI platform was updated with the validated BI model.
Through the Proof Of Concept all selected Software Vendors were evaluated on an objective basis. In April 2015 the selection was finalized and the Software Vendor was selected unanimously by the Selection Committee. The implementation is planned for August 2015 in order to be live for the next budgeting cycle.

Publicatiedatum: 26 August 2015