Excel Advanced Functionalities

Excel is the most widespread reporting tool today, used by virtually every controller, business analyst and finance professional. This tool is so powerful that many of its functionalities are usually still unknown to people who have been using it for years.

In the busy lives of finance professionals, improving the Excel working speed, and avoiding common errors, results in a lot of time gains, and protects you from sending out wrong reports. Rather than looking at Visual Basic, we help you to discover standard Excel functions that usually can do the same.

This course offers only exercises which start as easy and become progressively more difficult. Each exercise is based on a real-life challenge common in finance jobs, and focuses on teaching one single Excel functionality or function. Starting with simple exercises like screen manipulation, cell references, and filtering, it quickly ascends to include different sum formulas, conditional formatting, grouping data, text manipulation functions, the use of ‘if’, counting, searching, using Tables, and more.

At the end of the course, you will have discovered new Excel functions and techniques which let you work faster, or decrease the risk of calculation errors, or both. You will be able to apply the knowledge to your daily job of finance professional immediately.

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Publicatiedatum: 19 November 2019