Project management for Controllers

Given their analytical strengths and their bird’s-eye view of the company, controllers often find themselves involved in projects, which are completely different things than their operation job. As a result, controllers may feel at a loss, or may not even realise when they are working less than optimally.

This one-day course teaches the basics of project management to non-specialists. In this, it differs from project management courses like Prince2 and others. It is tailored to controllers who start out, or who have a few years of experience.

Using Prince2 concepts, the natural flow of projects is explained. Some concepts like critical path are touched upon briefly. The focus quickly turns towards real-life situations and cases, the better to make the material applicable. Methods of structuring projects are discussed, such as the use of timesheets and planning, stakeholder analysis, and project risk management. Common pitfalls and solutions are discussed. Important soft factors such as different personality types, team integration, and communication are also reviewed.

At the end of this course, you will be able to interact intensely with specialised project managers, and be able to detect if external project managers may not be up to the job in managing projects for your own company.

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Publicatiedatum: 20 November 2019