Power BI - Advanced for Controllers

Training Information

08 Sep 09:00u - 17:00u

525 EUR

Power BI is the tool to automate and professionalize your reporting. However, integrating multiple data sources, automating data refresh, creating complex calculations and securing your reports requires additional knowledge.

In the advanced Power BI training we will elaborate more into depth some key concepts to take your Power BI reports to the next level.

The training consists of 2 parts:
Part 1

  • Key principles and features of Power Query
  • Introduction to Dataflows
  • Important DAX formulas for controllers

Part 2

  • Security in Power BI
  • Sharing reports in Power BI Service
  • Automated data refresh in Power BI

The training consists of an integrated exercise that turns theory into practice.

At the end of the course, you can build a complex reporting model with relevant dimensions and measures, and you can create and publish professional graphs, reports, and dashboards. You will also understand how to setup the Power BI service in order to secure and automate the dashboards.

You may consider to first follow our course ‘Power BI - Basics for controllers’ if you have only limited experience in Power BI.

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