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Dimensional modelling for controllers

Training Information

19 Sep 09:00u - 17:00u


€ 700

A controller wants to be in charge of the reporting. This implicates a controller has to understand how reporting is built conceptually. To guarantee a qualitative outcome that is capable of addressing future needs.

This training course focuses on how you should build a reporting model conceptually. To remain flexible and obtain ownership as a controller of your reporting. Ensuring your requirements are met also from a technical point of view by "being" the bridge to IT.

More information on this training can be found here!


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Meet the trainer
Nick Van Maele Manager Management Information & Systems

Nick studied electromechanical engineering in Belgium and the UK. After a first job in R&D, he became an IT analyst and later a Business Unit Controller.

Since 2006 he specialises in linking the business, finance and IT. You can find him running ERP projects, advising on data design and management, giving training courses, or acting as a career coach.