Sarens controller trainingen

How TriFinance trained the global Finance Management team and the European Business Controllers at the Sarens Group


The Sarens Group is active in heavy lifting and engineered transport worldwide. It operates globally and has over 100 entities in 60 countries.

For its developing European team of business controllers and global Finance Management, Sarens wanted to create a tailor-made training program.

Why TriFinance?

TriFinance was chosen for our deep knowledge of the controlling profession and our pragmatic hands-on approach based on first-hand job experience and proven track record in the development and providing of trainings.

The challenge

TriFinance first met the European HR manager to discuss the Sarens inhouse development framework and the Controller job description. Bringing our own view on which skills make an ‘excellent’ Controllers and arrived at a common set of Controlling skills.

Working together with the European Finance Manager & CFO, TriFinance then analysed the main skill gaps in the existing team versus the desired target levels. In agreement with HR, a mix of soft and hard skills were set  as priorities, each leading to the inclusion of a dedicated training module.

TriFinance then customised its existing controller training modules by translating examples and exercises to the Sarens business, processes and internal data. The main advantages of such tailor-made exercises is twofold: firstly it creates a high recognition factor for participants, and secondly any good idea or solution during the training can be immediately translated back into operational improvements and actions afterwards.

The result

The resulting two-day training took place in the Sarens offices. Participants received a mix of theoretical insight and were given a lot of practical exercises. At the end each participant identified three realistic goals in terms of their personal development.

Three months later the TriFinance trainers re-contacted each participant to check whether the personal development goals had been met, creating a re-activation moment.

“TriFinance successfully helped us upgrade the knowledge and expertise of our controllers through a combination of their hands-on and interactive approach, tailor-made trainings and close follow-up afterwards. This enabled us to make the step towards finance acting as a business partner.”
Magnus Bjorkman – CFO Sarens

Publicatiedatum: 20 mei 2015