Budgeting & Forecasting in production companies

Target Audience

Controllers/business analysts with several years of experience and a thorough understanding of cost accounting who wish to gain more expert knowledge of the Budgeting & Forecasting process.

Why attend?

In many organizations the budgeting process is an administrative time consuming process.This training course focuses specifically on the budgeting process in production companies and has a clear objective in mind:

How to obtain an efficient budgeting & forecasting process oriented towards steering the business?

The training will enable you, as a controller, to go beyond the mere "budgeting for budgeting" purposes and utilize it as a valuable steering instrument.

Course objectives

Training goals of this course are:

  • Establishing a solid foundation for the budgeting and forecasting process
  • How to keep an eye on the final goal: budgeting & forecasting as a business steering instrument
  • Explain methods & principles through integrated cases and show how they are applied in practice
  • The end-to-end budgeting & forecasting process is explained through an integrated case. Incl. Balance sheet & cash flow forecasting

Practical information

The training is a 2 day training course. A thorough understanding of cost accounting is recommended. Please consult our training calendar for the upcoming training. The subscription form can be found here as well.

Want more information or you have a specific question? Contact us via e-mail on controllertraining@trifinance.be or give us a call.


Subscription fee for this 2 day training course is €1.300 (Excl. VAT) for a single subscription. If you want to subscribe with more participants you can contact us and we will provide a tailored offer.

More specific training needs?

Have a look at our tailor-made offering, designed specifically to your needs and possible within your own ERP/BI. Or contact us for more information on controllertraining@trifinance.be