Excel for controllers

Target Audience

The course is designed for controllers, business analysts or finance professionals involved with reporting with a sound knowledge of Excel.

Why attend?

For years on end, Excel has been the most wide spread tool foor reporting/analytical purposes. This training was designed specifically how to get most of the functionalities when working as a controller, business analyst or finance professional.

Through hands-on cases originating from real cases and problems faced in daily reality, we give you insights on how you can use Excel more efficiently and effectively. Specifically as a controller.

Not just a tool training in advanced options, but tailored towards the applicability within your role as a controller.

Prerequisite for this training is a sound Excel knowledge. We also offer basic Excel courses in preparation of the Excel for controller course.

Course objectives

During this 1-day training, we will focus on how controllers, business analysts can make more effective/efficient use of Excel. Among others we will touch upon following subjects:

  • Combining, cleaning and integrating different data sources for your reporting and analysis with the use of PowerQuery (now standard Excel functionality)
  • Advanced Excel formulas 
  • Variance analysis & waterfall charts
  • Dashboarding in Excel

Practical information

This is a 1-day training course. A sound knowledge is a prerequisite is to enter this course. We also offer basic Excel training courses in preparation of the Excel for controller course. Please consult our training calendar for the upcoming training. The subscription form can be found here as well.

Want more information or you have a specific question? Don't hesitate to contact us via mail on controllertraining@trifinance.be


Subscription fee for this 1-day training course is € 700 (Excl. VAT) for a single subscription. If you want to subscribe with more participants you can contact us and we will provide a tailored offer.

More specific training needs?

Have a look at our tailor-made offering, tailored specifically to your needs also possible within your own ERP/BI. Or contact us for more information on controllertraining@trifinance.be