Beyond financial statements

Target audience

Controllers, business analysts or finance professionals who wish to get a deeper understanding of financial analysis, beyond the mere measures in order to become a partner for senior management.

Why attend?

In anticipation of opportunities and risks, financial analysis is part of every controller's toolbox. During this training we will give you a deep dive in the skill of financial analysis.

Not only the standard ratio calculation but really looking how you can put this to good use in a wider context as a controller.

This training course will go beyond the calculation of ratio's but will allow you to interpret the results correctly. Within different contexts. Always starting out from a practical real-life case, we will give you a true insight in the terminology, analysis, methods... used. And more importantly on how you can apply this within your own context as a controller / finance professional.

Course objectives

Based on cases and by using the smartscan model, our controller-trainer will introduce you in an interactive way to the main principles of financial analysis. The focus lies with the interpretation of the results, making the course tangible and practical.

During the training we will:

  • gradually build a thorough understanding of terminology and analytical methods through "real" cases
  • learn how the applied framework (e.g. IFRS, Be GAAP) influence the results and how to interpret / compare them correctly.
  • directly apply what was learned through an integrated case, whilst introducing additional context and difficulties

At the end of the first day a case is presented and analyzed with the needed room for interaction, summarizing the main principles. During the second day we will work around an integrated case whilst introducing additional difficulties and background. Participants will have to apply the taught methods and a comparison between two companies is made.

Practical information

The training is a 2-day training course. A thorough understanding of costing and cost treatment is recommended. Please consult our training calendar for the upcoming training. The subscription form can be found here as well.

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Subscription fee for this 2-day training course is € 1.300 (Excl. VAT) for a single subscription. If you want to subscribe with more participants you can contact us and we will provide a tailored offer.

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