Training Management Accounting

Target Audience

Controllers and business analysts with several years of experience and a very sound knowledge of cost accounting.

Why attend this training?

The training is aimed at the experienced controller / finance professional and will give you an in-depth view of the skills needed for any controller to help steer the business. Ranging from variance calculation & analysis over profitability reporting and beyond Activity Based Costing methods.

The training is designed to provide you, as a controller, with the tools to actively help steer the performance of your organization.

Course objectives

During the training course, aimed at experienced controllers, we build further on the fundamentals established during the cost accounting training. Through real life cases we will create an end-to-end view on management accounting and how it can be used to steer the performance of your business. We will touch upon topics like:

  • variance calculation and analysis
  • how to correctly set up your multi dimensional profitability reporting from a controller's perspective
  • Activity Based Costing methods and how to apply them in a meaningful way

Practical information

The training is a 2-day training course. A thorough understanding of cost accounting is recommended. Please consult our training calendar for the upcoming training. The subscription form can be found here as well.

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Subscription fee for this 2-day training course is € 1.400 (Excl. VAT) for a single subscription. If you want to subscribe with more participants you can contact us and we will provide a tailored offer.

More specific training needs?

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