Controller Skill Framework

To develop quality training courses for controllers it is imperative they are build from an understanding which skills are required as a controller in today's world.

That's why we developed a true "controller skill framework" stemming from our vast experience in the field of controlling. Mapping all skills (technical, financial, methodological and soft skills) requierd by a controller today. Not a textbook model, but a framework with a proven track record in today's business world.

High level Skill Framework

The controller skill framework maps the required skill set in view of the (intended) seniority of controller role, sector and environment (production, service,...). This makes for a dynamic skill frameworks suited for your environment. Surpassing the theoretical concepts, making it a pragmatic tool for you.

This skill framework not only enables us to develop training courses but makes us the experts in objective assessments of controllers. We identify the gap between the needed & wanted skills and the skills which are present today within the team. Both on an individual and group level. Providing you with a clear image on current strengths and potential improvements. In short: a fit-gap analysis tailored to your context.

Assessment voor senior Controller

This enables you to identify potential gains and the knowledge to initiate the transformation towards business partnership, an upgrade to your current controlling role,... If needed we are there for you to assist in this transformation project. With the needed objectivity and insights acquired through the assessment. 

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