Dimensional modelling for controllers

Target audience

Controllers, business analysts and finance professionals who are looking for a better functional understanding how qualitative reporting is built.

Why attend this training?

Correct, qualitative and timely reporting. The goal often may be clear but the road there presents some continuous challenges. One succesfactor is that you, controller or finance professional, stay in charge of the process. Staying in charge means conceptually understanding how the reporting landscape is built.

This training is tailored to the needs of the controller. Through hands-on examples and exercises we will learn the main concepts and get a thorough functional understanding how qualitative reporting is built. Both from a process and technical perspective.

Not an IT training but a training designed for the controller to bridge finance and IT. Designed to stay in the driver seat of your reporting.

Course objectives

Through a mix of examples and hands-on cases the training course wel provide you with a good functional knowledge on how to build a more effective and qualitative reporting. Main topics during the training course are:

  • Best practices in building your conceptual reporting model
  • functional understanding of how databases (data warehouses) work, from a controller's perspective.
  • How to correctly build up dimensions and hierarchies to achieve analytical reporting which meets your (changing) needs in the long term.

Practical information

The training is a 1-day training course. Knowledge of access is a plus, but not a prerequisite for this training. Please consult our training calendar for the upcoming training. The subscription form can be found here as well.

Want more information or you have a specific question? Don't hesitate to contact us via controllertraining@trifinance.be


Subscription fee for this 1-day training course is € 700 (Excl. VAT) for a single subscription. If you want to subscribe with more participants you can contact us and we will provide a tailored offer.

More specific training needs?

Have a look at our tailor-made offering, designed specifically to your needs and possible within your own ERP/BI. Or contact us for more information on controllertraining@trifinance.be